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Janet Ilses shrunk

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Port Welshpool and District Maritime Museum is proud to house hundreds of  artifacts documenting the Maritime and Local History of the region. Open weekends 12:30pm to 4:30pm.  


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Last Updated on 11th August 2016.

Janet cropped for flyer

The "Janet Iles" under restoration at Port Welshpool.

This photo is another from the Museum archives.The Pedley

family, we thank them for this donation.

Great photo with the bikes, no stands.

 Aren't  the signs interesting?, General Merchant, News

Agency , Post Office, Telephone Office and Commonwealth

Bank. The Port had it all!

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Remembering as a kid when you addressed adults as Mr or Mrs, and you had many aunties and uncles. Respect was the order of the day.

The push bike was in everyones back yard. Ridden by all ages. Whether it came as a present from Santa, a hand me down or put together with parts from the tip, Remember when going to the tip was an adventure, “Someone’s trash was your Treasure”. No roadside street collections. Brands didn’t matter just boys or girls bikes, one with a bar and one without. “The one with the bar”? Now, everyone has a story there.


No fancy gears to get you up that steep hills. Men tucked their trousers into their socks so their trousers wouldn’t get caught in the chain and rip or get covered in oil. Some didn’t have brakes, but that didn’t matter to you, your foot did the job, much to your mothers concern as many a shoe was ruined. Mums had another worry. If a spoke got broken in   a child’s bike wheel, a number 13 knitting needle could be used to mend it, recycling “new”!

To keep your bike safe while you were on an “adventure” you hid it in the bush, all was safe. OR if some one wanted to play a “joke”, THEY, hid your bike in the bush. There were no trainer wheels to help you with balance as you mastered your pride and joy. Parents spent hours running besides you while holding the seat as you peddled. When you asked if they were holding you, you were assured they had a “firm hold”, but mostly they didn’t as this was the confidence of learning.

After many hours of practice you finally mastered the balancing act, you were off, no stopping you. You had all the fun in the world riding around with your mates. Through mud and puddles, just hold your legs up, alls good. No fancy gadgets, the only needs were a pump for the tyres, which you could carry on your bike but most didn’t as this precious item was to be share with all the family.

Imagination was the creation of the times, so a motor was created, well, not really, but it sounded like one, well, sort of. We attached a playing card with a wooden peg to the front wheel, that’s all it took to pretend you were powered.

No one went to the Gym, {that was a boys name} to ride a bike for exercise or to keep fit. The treddly was the means of fun or transport to school or the shop. We rode it in all weathers.

Letter boxes were never seen on our front fences, as we never experienced the postman delivering our mail and neither did the dog. No one took vitamin D pills because we were deficient. We didn’t have special clothes or a helmet to protect us as we rode on our adventures.

The open air and the sun was our friend thanks to our much loved treddly.


                                             “Thank you.”

We would like to “thank” everyone for their feed back especially Ron Jones. Ron was able to tell us about the car in the photo from the last issue. It was once his pride and joy.

                                               The history is ……

Jack Gunn owned the car, to put you in the picture so to speak. Jack Gunn previously owned the store Eddy Fowlers now owns. Ron tells us, back then it was an engineering and lathe working store. The car was a CZ Straight 8 Chrysler Black 35 model with suicide doors {named because of the way they opened} and spare wheel in the mudguard. Ron bought the car from Jack.

I wonder what happened to this lovely car, wouldn’t it be great if we found it a garage fully restored to its 1940’s glory.




UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT                

The Museum Committee and Members would like to welcome John and Kaye to the Port as the new owners of the Pier Port Hotel and wish them all the very best for the future and take this opportunity to Thank them both most sincerely for the interest they have shown in the museum.

John and Kaye approached the museum with the idea to sell “PHOTOS OF OLD” at the hotel for the Museum. All proceeds from these sales will go towards the upkeep and development of the Museum.

So if your in the market for some thing to fill that space on a wall or need a present for someone special or would just like to wander down memory lane, do call in, and while your there say hallo to John and Kaye, maybe have a drink. The meals are great too.

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