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Port Welshpool and District Maritime Museum is proud to house hundreds of  artifacts documenting the Maritime and Local History of the region. Open weekends 12:30pm to 4:30pm and by appointment on 56881220.


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Last Updated on 27th May 2016.

Janet cropped for flyer

The "Janet Iles" under restoration at Port Welshpool.



    Your help will be most appreciated.


                        “This is the port as it used to be.”


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This photo is another from our archives (click on it to enlarge). Captured with a Box Brownie Camera, are some of the residents of the Port or maybe visitors to the town for the day as we are also unsure of the occasion. Can you tell us who owns the great car?  Featuring in the background are the Post Office and General Store, the hub of the town. We would love to hear from anyone who recognizes a family member or neighbour from this photo. The boys with the “Billy Cart” ? We would like to include this snapshot in creating our street scape of the town we started during “Sea Days “last.  


The box brownie camera produced great photos but what a process compared with today’s technology. Buying the film and taking the photo was the easy part. Or maybe, if you didn’t move the camera as the photo was snapped and

the light was just right. Or as many of us have done and forgotten to put the film in altogether. What about the flashlight? When the film was finished, up to 36 snaps, you then put it into the chemist to be developed, then came the wait, but there was an element of excitement in the wait, wondering how they had turned out. Not like today where you can see the mistakes and delete them instantly and take another. Even though, today, all can be with you and within a press of a button on your mobile phone. Or stored in your home computer, but, when all is said and done nothing can replace the joy of sitting together with family and friends, and passing around photos while reliving the snapshots of old.


UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT                

The Museum Committee and Members would like to welcome John and Kaye to the Port as the new owners of the Pier Port Hotel and wish them all the very best for the future and take this opportunity to Thank them both most sincerely for the interest they have shown in the museum.

John and Kaye approached the museum with the idea to sell “PHOTOS OF OLD” at the hotel for the Museum. All proceeds from these sales will go towards the upkeep and development of the Museum.

So if your in the market for some thing to fill that space on a wall or need a present for someone special or would just like to wander down memory lane, do call in, and while your there say hallo to John and Kaye, maybe have a drink. The meals are great too.

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